This is me singing the anthem for the Houston Rockets at Toyota Stadium

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Hi, I'm Kristal Cherelle. I am the founder of Indie Artist School. I've been singing and coaching in Houston, TX for 11 years. I've opened for Lauryn Hill, sung the national anthem for the Houston Rockets, and collaborated with Australian star, Kerser.

I love every day I get to spend singing and teaching what I know to others! 

I get messages all the time from people who tell me how much they want to sing, but are too afraid they're not talented enough. Maybe you're thinking the same thing...

I'm going to go ahead and stop you right there...

Maybe you've got a lot of natural talent or maybe not so much. But guess what, it doesn't even matter!

Skill is what matters most, and you can develop that with R&B vocal coaching!

Transform Your Voice!

Contrary to popular belief, singing is not just a gift you're born with--it's also a skill you can learn and develop. I have helped students of all experience levels TRANSFORM THEIR VOICE by developing pitch accuracy, smoothing vocal breaks, improving breath control and expanding breath capacity, belting, singing vocal runs, and increasing their vocal range!

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