I have a voice and I want to share it...but where do I start?

With most other careers, it's usually laid out for you perfectly. Go to school, get an internship, apply to jobs...and V'OILA!
But the music industry is not so clear-cut.

Especially if you're an Indie Artist making your way without the help of a major label.

My Journey

I'm Kristal Cherelle. I'm an Independent Artist and while my focus is now on coaching, I have learned so many tricks and invaluable tools along the way that helped me have amazing career highlights such as opening for Lauryn Hill, residencies at Hilton and other luxury hotels, singing the national anthem for the Houston Rockets, winning Houston Battle of the Bands Hard Rock Cafe, getting press in the Houston Chronicle, collaborating with a signed international rapper Kerser, and much much more!

One of the biggest things i noticed, is that while it may have looked like luck to people on the outside, there was a lot of strategy involved to get the right opportunities that led to the next.

I was quite organized and strategic and I did it all without a label or a manager!

Just having a plan outlined well and working was ENOUGH.

Now, I can help you lay out your music career plan!

Grow Your Career

Want to make music your career, but not sure where to start? First, you and I will have a 1.5-hour in-depth artist career strategy Zoom call. On this call, I will get to know you, hear some of your music, and we will work together on getting a clear vision of what artist career goals you want for yourself and your timeline-modifying and adjusting as necessary.

Once that's established, I will create your Custom Indie Artist Career Strategy Packet.

Includes your 'Brand Voice', Style, social media strategy, gig plan, music release plan, and Electronic press kit*.

*Press kit creation will require a few things (headshot, bio, career highlights, links to existing music, and press etc) from you via email*

*Please allow up to 30 days for fulfillment*

I will be in communication with you via email throughout the entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't like my voice, should I pursue music as a career?

First, you should start with developing your voice. I recommend either my 1:1 vocal coaching program or my online singing course.

Once, you've developed your voice enough to where you're ready to share it with others and pursue it as a career--THEN you're ready for your career strategy packet.

I have no prior music connections, published music, or accomplishments yet, can you still build a Career Strategy Packet for me?

Yes! However, your Career Strategy Packet will not include a PressKit, it will be more focused on your timeline, vision, brand-building, and social media plan as well as a to-do list for you to build up elements you can include on a future presskit (getting headshots, gigs, recording schedule ).

I live in a place that doesn't have many performance opportunities or places to record music. Should I pursue a music career?

It depends--are you willing to go where opportunities are? You have to be willing to leave your comfort zone to take things to the next level. If your answer is yes, then this move or transition can be a part of your career strategy.

I feel like I'm too old now--should I still pursue a music career?

This can be influenced by the genre you are in and the market of listeners of that genre. I specialize in the R&B market and I can say that the age range of new and upcoming artists and the listeners of R&B is much wider. As long as you have an audience who is listening, your age doesn't matter.

Do you have the passion and drive to do the work? If the answer is yes--you should pursue it!