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The Singer's Arsenal

Benefits of Singing

In this episode of The Singer's Arsenal, Kristal Cherelle talks about all of the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of singing that has been proven and backed by science!


Vocal Health

Kristal Cherelle shares her story of her vocal health scare and what was learned along the way. Topics Include: How to know when something is wrong. Her shocking revelation! Simple tips to help prevent damage, repair your voice, and maintain vocal health.


Combatting Nerves

n this episode of The Singer's Arsenal by Indie Artist School with Kristal Cherelle, the topic of nerves is discussed. What is the cause of nerves? Are our fears rational? How do we combat nerves? Why do we perform anyway?


Why is my voice cracking?

Have you ever sounded like a duck? Photo by Ross Sokolovski on Unsplash Don’t be shy, we’ve all been there! You're singing and all of a sudden you hear a crack...better yet, a quack! This is what happens when singers flip from chest to head voice unintentionally. If done...