No really…just hear me out.

I grew up singing around the house with my mom as a little girl. She could sing me under the table!

I’m talking vocal runs, belting, the whole nine yards! I would try to repeat what she was doing and fail miserably over and over again.

I never understood why she smiled at me while I was singing. I always just assumed she was pitying me or just doing that thing moms do sometimes when they think their baby can do no wrong!

But I get it now—she saw something in me then that I couldn’t see.

She saw my POTENTIAL. She saw my DRIVE to learn. She saw my PASSION.

Now that I think about it—I would’ve never become the singer I am today without those 3 things.

  • Potential
    • Here’s a little secret—everyone has potential! Some start with a bit more natural talent than others, but your potential is the difference between where you are now and where you can be.
    • Let’s do a little experiment!

      Think about something big you’ve accomplished in your life.

      Got something in mind yet?

      Okay, now think back to what you knew, what your skill level was, and how good you were at it in the beginning.

      How big was the gap between where you started and where you ended up?

      When you started did you know you could get there for sure?

      If so—how did you know?

      If not—what made you pursue it anyway?
  • Drive
    • Anytime you want to get somewhere you want to go—you need to drive there right? *I know, I know that’s pretty cheesy*

      But it’s true—try doing anything without the drive to do it, and well, it never gets done. So what is drive exactly?

      The textbook Oxford dictionary defines drive as: To motivate, compel, or impel one to do something.
    • In other wordsWHY do you want to transform your voice?

      No one can answer that for you. Only you know what singing means to you and why it’s important to reach your fullest potential.

      The great news is that once you determine that for yourself, you can use that as fuel to help you push through and do what needs to be done (even if it’s hard) and accomplish your singing goals.

      The great news is that you don’t have to drive alone with our coaching & mentorship program. You will not only get the tools you need to develop your voice with your weekly 1:1 coaching sessions but you will get weekly mentorship calls with me to help you overcome the obstacles that may come up on your journey!
  • Passion
    • I feel like this one almost goes without saying. Passion is something else isn’t it?

      Ever wonder what your passion is? Think of something you enjoy doing. Ask yourself if you’d feel fulfilled without doing that thing.

      It's so odd to think about how it’s such a natural human instinct to want a sense of fulfillment. I often wonder if my pet cats think about anything other than food, cuddles, shelter, and water. But for us—

      Well, let me just speak for myself for a minute—for me. I can’t imagine a life without singing. If you feel similarly, singing could be your passion.

Do you have potential, drive, and passion for singing? Are you ready to do something about it?

Happy singing!

Kristal Cherelle