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So let’s get into it-- I love Beyonce, okay! And I tried to fight it, because I don’t consider myself a ‘fanatic’ type. Rather than say I’m just another fan — I’ll admit, I’m inspired by her . Her voice is immaculate and her work ethic is out of this world. Here are 4 reasons why I think Queen Bey needs her flowers now!

1.She is dedicated

Beyonce has been at this since she was a little girl and she’s STILL doing it — bigger than ever. She has NO CHILL. She literally has 4 kids, conquer a difficult pregnancy with twins — only to drop Black is King on us on the Disney app making major moves while most other major artists are doing VERSUZ.

Now, I’m not dissing other artists — I’m just saying there are very few artists who make these type of strategic moves and have as much longevity and consistency as she does — and all while juggling a full private personal life.

2. Bey takes vocal training seriously

Beyonce was practically raised by her vocal coach, David Lee Brewer who lived with her family and gave her 4 vocal lessons each week for most of her life until she was 20 and she’s continued to have vocal coaches consistently since then.

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Even though she is certainly talented, Beyonce is living proof that singing is a skill you can hone — not just something you’re born with. Because of her consistent training, she has a level of consistency with her voice that is undeniable.

I dare you to try to catch her slipping…YOU WON’T FIND IT! The only thing you will find is her continuing to sing effortlessly while her hair was stuck in a fan. GOALS!

3.Mrs. Carter doesn’t take performing lightly…

I remember the first time I went to her live concert. The amount of detail and structure to her show was unmatched by any other show I’d seen in my life. I think as an artist, your music and production HAS to matter to you.There are going to be times when you will have obstacles in life, but staying dedicated and loving what you do will keep you going.

4.Beyonce’s voice is versatile

She has a wide vocal range and has full control of her dynamics. She can sing softly and belt, she can sing intricate vocal runs with ease, and she frequently explores new genres with ease lines. I see you BEY!

No matter what you think about Beyonce,

I think we can all agree that she has mastered her voice. The pure dedication and commitment it takes to do what she’s done already in her career should be an inspiration to us all.

Kristal Cherelle, Indie Artist School

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