3 Note Vocal Riff Exercise

The Iconic 3 Note Riff!

You'll hear 3 note riffs in R&B music everywhere! Whether it's contemporary and sung by artists like H.E.R, from 90's R&B like Aaliyah, or classical and sung by artists like Stevie Wonder.

Here are some things you may notice when singing 3 note riffs.

  1. The rhythm is essential. You'll notice you spend more time on the top note and less on the last 2.
  2. Onset (how you start each note) will help you separate the notes and hear them clearly rather than sliding through them. So you'll want to think of a hard "eh" rather than "heh" when you do this exercise.
  3. Pitch accuracy is crucial since you don't have much time to correct your pitch on these.

You can always slide the video time marker to start where your voice feels comfortable and stop the exercise early if it gets too high.

Remember practicing will help you get more and more comfortable doing these with accuracy. Most of all, have fun with it--you got this!

Happy singing!

Kristal Cherelle

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